Get off the I-15 at the Jean Exit.
Turn North onto S. Las Vegas Blvd.
About 4.1 miles turn right onto Ranch Road. (35.8276, -115.2838)

About 2.8 miles turn left. (35.7888, -115.2780)
Drive onto the playa and carefully head toward the Flight Line.
Flight Line is approximately at 35.788000, -115.250361


Jean, NV


Primm, NV
(13 miles south of Jean, NV)

Primm Valley Resort and Casino
Whiskey Pete’s Hotel and Casino
Buffalo Bill’s Resort and Casino

Las Vegas, NV
(25 miles North of launch site area)
Too many to list, take your Pick:


Jean, NV

Terribles Chevron WEST of I15 has…
Sandwiches, Crispy Kream Donuts, Snacks
White Castle Drive-Through

Primm, NV

Denny’s – CLOSED
Panda’s Express – CLOSED
Primm and Proper
Carl’s Jr.
Pizza At Primm takeout
Shoo Shoo Burger


Camping: is Permitted
(no fires on the lakebed.)
(Grills or burn barrels are ok)
Facilities: Provided during Regional Launches.